Andrei Hodorog

Computer Science Student at Cardiff University in Wales

I am a freelancer web developer and security enthusiast who has always wanted to make a machine to work in the desired way. I also have the ambition to change the world, make the web better, safer and more secure.

I have won several national and international IT-related contests in high school. I have also been the unofficial security consultant of my high school.

Now I am a Computer Science student at Cardiff University in Wales. The specialty of my programme is “Information Security and Forensics”.

I have held short presentations on several ocasions, such as my own weekly radio show from Radio Iasi Romania (, and local events such as Connections and Ecodam Summer School.
I have also held several short security-related lectures at my University.

I have attended all the DefCamp editions, except for the 4th one (I was only able to watch the online live stream, because I was in the UK).

I won’t say much more, because I tend to adopt the well-known concept for both whitehat and blackhat people, the slogan of BackTrack: “The quieter you are, the more you will be able to hear.”

Presentation: SSH Tunneling – a gate to freedom and a threat

SSH tunneling represents a great tool for encrypting traffic and preventing eavesdropping .

However, abusing the dynamic port forwarding feature, the users of a corporate network are able to circumvent the restrictions, generate illegitimate traffic and squeeze the available bandwidth.

The presentation includes the real-world example of my University, the techniques for selecting the traffic that needs to be tunneled, issues related to detecting tunneled traffic, separating legitimate from illegitimate traffic and partial mitigation techniques in the corporate environment.

Presentation @DefCamp 2014