Roger W. Kuhn, Jr

Advisory Board Director Cyber Security Forum Initiative (CSFI)


Mr. Kuhn graduated from the United States Coast Guard Academy in 1989 earning a commission as an Ensign and a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering (EE). After graduation, he served back to back sea tours as a Division Officer Afloat while completing U.S. Navy & U.S. Coast Guard Deck Watch Officer Afloat, Chief Engineer Afloat, Damage Control Training Team Leader and Weapons Officer Qualifications. He then reported to US Coast Guard Headquarters and assumed the responsibilities of Close- In Weapons System/Harpoon Project Engineer while completing graduate studies in EE at George Mason University. Upon completion of his academy service obligation & separation from service, Mr. Kuhn had the privilege of obtaining a USCG Ready Reserve direct commission.

Mr. Kuhn’s reserve tours focused primarily on Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Combat Systems, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (C5ISR) operations. In 2006, Mr. Kuhn was mobilized to develop & design a secure, robust wireless local area network access prototype. He subsequently co-authored the USCG Secure Wireless Policy. In 2007, Mr. Kuhn was selected and assigned to US Joint Forces Command (JFCOM) where he served in the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Training Directorate (J-7), Joint & Coalition Warfighting Center as the Deputy Chief, Strategic Command (STRATCOM) Exercise Support Team. His billet allowed him to participate in or support USN 2 nd Fleet, US STRATCOM & US JFCOM co-sponsored joint exercises in 2008-2011. In 2008, he became the 1st Coast Guard officer selected for a Department of Defense (DOD) cyber warfare exercise senior controller position: Deputy Senior Controller, “Global Lightning” Exercise.

Mr. Kuhn is a graduate of the USAF Cyber Operations Officer Course, National Defense University and Joint Forces Staff College. He retired in 2013 after 21 years of USCG active/reserve service.

Following active duty military service, Mr. Kuhn was employed by Northrop Grumman Newport News (NGNN) as a lead systems/application engineer focusing on the design, acquisition, installation & integration of Supervisor Control and Data Acquisition systems on nuclear-powered (CVN) aircraft carriers. He then migrated to network engineering, focusing on CVN Integrated Bridge System, Hull/Machinery & Equipment and Navigation networks while obtaining a graduate certificate in Systems Engineering (Information Technology) from Old Dominion University in 2001. He was subsequently awarded a “Leadership & Innovation” citation for his systems integration work by the NGNN Director of Aircraft Carrier Engineering.

Mr. Kuhn entered into Federal Civil Service in 2002 as a USN network engineer & subsequently earned his Level III Defense Acquisition certification in Systems Engineering. In April 2009, Mr. Kuhn was selected to serve as ONR Science Advisor (SA) to Naval Network Warfare Command. In August 2010, following the establishment of Fleet Cyber Command/Commander, 10 th Fleet (FCC/C10F), he was reselected as the 1st ONR SA assigned to FCC/C10F. In 2013 he was selected to be the ONR SA to the Navy Expeditionary Combat Command, where he is current focused on taking C5ISR to the tactical edge of Expeditionary Warfare/Special Operations.

Among his many professional credentials, Mr. Kuhn is an experienced & registered DOD Cyber Security professional (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) and a recognized member of the NSWC Dahlgren Division’s Science and Technology community. His 1 st applied research proposal pertained to an ONR Technical Solution-solicited “Closed Circuit Rebreather System”; subsequent ONR Technical Solution Finalist. He later earned & executed ONR & Office of the Secretary of Defense applied science grants pertaining to mobile wireless networking technologies. He was subsequently awarded the Certified Wireless Network Expert (CWNE) certification by his peers in the Certified Wireless Network Professional program. There are currently less than 150 CWNEs world-wide.

Mr. Kuhn has been an active volunteer/contributor to the 37, 000 member Cyber Security Forum Initiative (CSFI) since 2009. In 2012 he was granted the honor of being appointed to the position of CSFI Education Fellow. In 2014, he was subsequently accorded the honor of being appointed to the CSFI Advisory Board of Directors.

Presentation: ‘The 80% Solution at 20% of the Cost’. The Utilization of ‘Cyber Hygiene’ to Mitigate SCADA System Vulnerabilities

With respect to the application of cyber security controls to a “Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition” (SCADA) Automated Information System (AIS) one can take the approach of (a) implementing a “black” industrial control system architecture; (b) implementing the extensive security controls cited in NIST Special Publication 800-82 Revision 1, “Guide to Industrial Control Systems (ICS) Security”, May 2013; or take a 3rd option (c) implementing short-term countermeasures to mitigate vulnerabilities specific to the “SCADA HMI” layer of an Industrial Control System, i.e., “Cyber-Hygiene” security controls.

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