Anton Prokhorov

Co-Founder at AVULN Security Industries & Embedded System Cryptography Expert (RU)

Cryptography expert in Avuln and member of BalalaikaCr3w CTF team.
Anton loves weird tasks and aware of cryptography in all possible forms. Also he likes hardware and all fields near it. But when he takes any stringed instrument (especially his bas guitar) he turns into a rock star.

IoT Security

The Internet of Things has already turned from a concept into reality. This reality scares a lot, because connected IoT-devices are going to be everywhere around us: from bathroom and bedroom to transport and hospitals. As a result, IoT affects both business and personal life. Thus, it is absolutely reasonable to care about security of stuff affecting our lives. During “IoT Security” talk the following topics will be covered:
– summary of many researches on security of IoT devices of different types
– overview of security solutions to protect IoT and Smart Home provided by different vendors
– exclusive and previously undisclosed stuff on IoT security

Presentation @DefCamp 2015