Muhammad Mudassar Yamin

Research Fellow at Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Muhammad works in research at the Norwegian University of Science & Technology. He is focused on:

  • Advance Research In Field of Cyber and Information Security
  • Attack and Defense Scenarios Modeling in Cyber Ranges
  • System Security
  • Information Management and Security

Implementation of information security techniques on modern android based Kiosk ATM/remittance machines

ATM machines are rapidly developing and are finding new applications from bill payments to online fund transfers. Everything is getting smart in the modern world and ATM are no exceptions in this regard. The natural choice of manufacturers for making ATM smart is by making their function connected to android based system. However, android based Applications are inherently vulnerable and can be exploited by external attackers or by internal malicious users.

This paper will discuss the vulnerabilities which are present in android based ATM and the techniques for fixing those vulnerabilities in Android based ATM machines.


Presentation @DefCamp 2018