Kaspersky Lab’s Cybersecurity Solution for Crypto-Exchanges

part of Kaspersky BlockChain Security Solutions.

A crypto-exchange is an online platform where users buy and sell cryptocurrencies, and, like in many cases, keep crypto-funds there. The combined monthly trading volume of the largest crypto-exchanges exceeds hundreds of billions US dollars. That is something cybercriminals simply cannot ignore. In fact, they regularly target cyber-exchanges and many of their attacks are successful. Hackers usually don’t try to exploit vulnerabilities in cryptocurrencies because of how difficult the they are to hack. They also rarely attack wallets directly. In most cases, they are interested in crypto-exchanges themselves since these are mostly centralized applications. Typical threats for such applications include backdoors, embedded at the development stage, web vulnerabilities such as cross-site scripting (XSS), and social engineering attacks such as phishing. Learn how you can mitigate the risks related to the trading engine as an application and to the web aspect of crypto-exchanges.

Protect each layer of your platform to ensure safe transactions and user accounts

Security Assessment

An application security assessment is needed for internal development and when you engage third parties. Applications can include flaws that lead to the syphoning off of confidential data or infiltration of the system. Detect and fix these vulnerabilities to avoid remediation costs.

Phishing Threat Detection

A combination of automated analysis and expert cybersecurity assistance provides ongoing malicious activity tracking. Immediate alerts about phishing threats protect you from financial and reputational losses.

Security Incident Response

Reduce the impact of security breaches or attacks on your IT environment. You can ask our experts to engage and execute investigations, identify and isolate compromised modules, prevent threats from spreading and conduct digital forensics.

User Account Fraud and Takeover Prevention

While working with transactions and hot wallets, users may become the victims of fraud, or hackers may gain access to a user’s private keys. These and numerous other threats mean it’s important to protect user accounts. We provide security solutions for web and mobile channels to ensure account safety.

Cyber-Hygiene and Forensics Education

Provide interactive online training for team members not directly involved in security issues. They should also be familiar with the latest security techniques to be able to respond and make decisions in the event of intrusions or data leakage. Tech guys and security pros can subscribe to our online education platform for advanced training. Teach staff with a technical background how to think and act as incident responders.

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