We saved the best for last: see what happened at DCTF 21-22!

2022 kicked-off, nostalgia hit…

We have to admit: the beginning of 2022 found us feeling very nostalgic about the most recent DefCamp edition. And DefCamp 2021 definitely had its perks. A fully online, international event that still manages to keep an entire community together and engaged, now that’s something you don’t hear much of every day and we are very proud to have by our side such amazing partners, speakers, team members and every one of you. 

Yet, we knew that the over 40 speakers and the over 10 hacking activities you enjoyed so much at DefCamp 2021 didn’t really give the complete DefCamp vibe. So we saved the best for last.

We still had an ace up our sleeve

We brought back DefCamp Capture the Flag for February 2022! After all, what would DefCamp be without its most popular, requested, played, rewarding, complex and challenging competition?

D-CTF 21-22 was a blast!

D-CTF 21-22 just concluded and seeing how the competition unfolded on CyberEDU.ro, we couldn’t be prouder! We worked hard to offer quality challenges and to keep all the teams engaged and we are very excited with the results ↓

  • Over 1,000 registered teams,
  • over 3,000 participants,
  • from over 96 countries,
  • competing for 78 hours.

Simply the “WOW effect”!

And let’s take a look at this year’s leaderboard!

Rank Team Country
1 WreckTheLine Romania & others
2 u0K++ Vietnam
3 r4kapig China 
4 Water Paddler United Kingdom
5 C4T BuT S4D Russian Federation
6 r3billions Egypt
7 bootplug Norway
8 idek United States
9 Project Sekai Canada 
10 0x90r00t France

The rankings may be changing from one year to another, but we are excited to see recurring competitors and new-comers alike fighting for first place. Our congratulations go to all of you cyber enthusiasts who have joined this year’s competition and managed to add their team’s name on the leaderboard!

Of course, white hats off to WreckTheLine and their exceptional performance! The team went international for D-CTF, but most of the members are from Romania. They’ve been a constant presence at the competition and we’ve seen them evolve over the years. WreckTheLine is, most probably, one of the best examples of passion, ambition and perseverance. Their result this year is proof that constant progress will eventually lead to great success.

We couldn’t forget this one-year-old tweet:

But out with the old, in with the new:

The 2nd and 3rd places saw new-comers adding their names to the leaderboard. Meet u0K++ from Vietnam, and r4kapig from China. It’s refreshing to see new teams joining the top three spots and “challenging the status quo”. We’re curious how they will grow over the years and where their passion takes them. In the meantime, our deepest praise for all your hard work!

Some more interesting facts & figures from the D-CTF 21-22

  • Romania was the country with the highest number of participating teams – 105, followed closely by India (104) and the USA (84)
  • The beast team from Romania was The Few Chosen (ranked 22nd) 
  • The contest had a total of 21 challenges
  • The 1st challenge was solved after 10 minutes and 17 seconds from the official start, by the PwnFlag team from Romania
  • For this D-CTF edition, we have an official infographic with more facts and figures – spoiler alert: you can also see how skilled were the players in the main cyber security related categories!
  • CryptoCat made video tutorials based on two of the D-CTF challenges, available here & here
  • And many other players have taken pride in their D-CTF results on various social media channels!

Seeing all the hype from our competing teams created the days following D-CTF can only mean that our job here is done – for the time being, of course. 

We’re thrilled all of you had a blast at this year’s DefCamp Capture the Flag! In the end, our thanks go to all of you white hat hackers who joined in the competition so enthusiastically. And, last but not least, our deepest appreciation goes to the Bit Sentinel team as well, for powering the 21-22 edition and to CyberEDU, for hosting us again! 

Download the full DefCamp Capture The Flag 21-22 infographic here.

See you soon, hacker family!

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