The wait is OVER! Save the Date & Get Your Ticket for the onsite DefCamp 2022!

Save the date and get your early bird ticket for the onsite DefCamp 2022 in Bucharest Romania

DefCamp has been the place to go for the infosec community for many years now, to connect with likeminded people and hackers from all around the world. Since 2011 it has grown and developed into what it is today: an infinite river of resources and assets related to cybersecurity.

The past two years have been challenging for everyone, that’s for sure. Has everything gone back to normal? Who could possibly tell? Even we can’t know for sure, but there’s one thing we can put our finger on: in the ever evolving cyber threat landscape, a “wait and see” attitude just doesn’t do the trick. 

It’s been far too long since we’ve seen each other face to face, far too long since we’ve gathered under the same roof, as a strong community to LEARN. PRACTICE. GROW. CONNECT. 

DefCamp took a break in 2020 for obvious reasons, but the memory of the anniversary edition kept us going. So DefCamp 2021 happened, though fully online, and it definitely left us wanting more…

DefCamp 2022 is due to happen!

Today, we are thrilled to announce that DefCamp is BACK ONSITE for edition #12!

Where?  Bucharest, Romania 
When? November 10th-11th 

Let’s meet up at the DefCamp 2022 conference, it will be unforgettable!

Registrations for DefCamp 2022 are now OPEN!

Which means you can book your early bird ticket right now!

So, be sure to save the date in your calendar and spread the word about it on social media – Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn! It might be a good opportunity to meet old friends from across the seas, right?

We’re looking forward to the real vibes and incredible energy of a united and strong infosec community gathered together, under the same roof, just like in the old times. DefCamp 2022 will offer every opportunity for you to grow as an infosec specialist. So, if you’re interested in more than just participating, we’ve got you covered!

DefCamp 2022 is CALLing!

For those of you who want to share their knowledge, expertise and findings with the infosec community, you can now submit your presentation and

Save the date and get your early bird ticket for the onsite DefCamp 2022 in Bucharest Romania

Hacking Village is expanding! Thanks to CyberEDU, DefCamp’s playground for hacking activities can now host even more complex infosec challenges. If you have a great idea to make the Hacking Village even more exciting, 

Save the date and get your early bird ticket for the onsite DefCamp 2022 in Bucharest Romania

Do you want to give back to the infosec community and be one of us who make #DefCamp2022 happen? Let’s build this together, 

Save the date and get your early bird ticket for the onsite DefCamp 2022 in Bucharest Romania

Get ready to register at DefCamp 2022, because…

… We’re keen on keeping this community strong. We’ll do our best

_to bring best in class speakers and infosec specialists for your to learn from and connect with,

_to organize exciting competitions in the Hacking Village so you can test and prove your skills,

_and to offer you the best homecoming experience there is in a very much awaited cybersecurity conference.

Book your DefCamp ticket!

Until we meet again in November, keep an eye on your inbox, on all our social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn) and, of course, on this blog. We’ll be communicating on each channel every detail you need to know about #DefCamp2022.

Stay hyped, because DefCamp is back onsite!

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