CyberDojoTM CTF

CyberDojoTM CTF is a capture the flag contest with its main purpose being helping people start their journey in the world of CTFs. The challenges are geared towards beginners and contrary to most CTFs, we do help you with hints since the purpose is to learn something new.


This is a beginner friendly Capture the Flag competition.

Goal of the Competition
To get an easy introduction to the types of challenges found in a CTF. By the end of the CTF you should be able to know where to find different resources to document yourself about many types of challenges found in a CTF.
Rules of Engagement
/ Solo mode CTF so no teams please(we will provide enough help so don’t get afraid).
/ DDOS-ing the platform is strictly forbidden.
/ The contest is open for everyone but mostly geared towards beginners.
/ Writeups are mandatory for prizes and should include your thought process, how and where you found info and if you learned something new from that challenge.
/ Prizes are going to be given based on how good your writeup is rather than your score. We have the flags, you have flags, the person next to you has the flags but there is something only you have: your thoughts and solving process.


  • 1 x Burp Suite Professional license for 1 year
  • Other DefCamp swags


  1. You need to have an account on CyberEDU. Register here or login here.
  2. Authenticate in your account and click on this link (this is required only the first time). This will give you access to a private space called “DefCamp”. See the picture below.
  3. Go to section Compete as instructed. You should see all the active contests.
  4. Click on any contest of interest and make the Pre-Registration. 
  5. Have fun!