Security Incident Operations Analyst (DC-0023)

Supports the development and operation of the Information Security Management System (ISMS) by providing support in the implementation and operation of security incident management and security vulnerability management processes.

What you will be doing

• Support, implement and execute plans to improve and maintain information security certifications (eg ISO 27001) under the coordination of Information Security Manager;
• Identify information security risks and communicate them to appropriate entities;
• Investigate potential IT & C security vulnerabilities. Perform advanced monitoring and incident resolution activities, establish the root of the cause, and propose countermeasures, mitigating incidents;
• Operate available tools such as the Antivirus, IDS / IPS, Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), Data Loss Protection (DLP) to detect security incidents;
• Keep a close relationship with CERT and SOC teams at Group level;
• Monitor information bulletins on technological vulnerabilities;
• Provide support to the Information Security Manager in undertaking information security risk analysis activities ;
• Monitor KPI progress and propose continual improvement/corrective actions.

What are we looking for?

Professional Skills:
• MS Office
• English fluent
• Strong knowledge of principles, best practices and information security standards.
• Experience in operating systems, databases and network equipment.

Education and experience (minimum required):
• University education – preferably in the field of computers, automation or electronics;
• Minimum 3 years experience in a similar role;
• Certification such as: Security +, CEH, CISSP;
• Knoledge and/or certification in security Standards and Best Practices (ISO 27k, PCI,Nist, SAS)

Specific skills:
• Ability to deliver results
• Ability to summarize and communicate
• Adaptability and Self-development
• Advanced knowledge about computers, computer networks and communication protocols, servers, operating systems and database management systems, computer applications
• Technical analysis of the security incidents
• Knowledge of SIEM, DLP, IDS/IPS operation and rules configuration;

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