Petr Kunstat

Presales Consultant Thales


Petr Kunstat has experience with IT management in multinational companies and IT consulting in the area of SW development and IT security. At Thales, he works as an IT Security Consultant and focuses on Access Control and Protection of Sensitive Data.

How to exploit Cloud adoption for making your IT more secure and convenient for end users

Whether data are stored in a public or private cloud, we always address two main security goals. First, how to encrypt data that no one gets access to the encryption keys and how to manage consistently those keys and certificates across our entire IT portfolio. Second, how to ensure that only authorized users with the appropriate role and privileges can access this encrypted data and IT applications and at the same time how to ensure that each access is monitored and recorded in the standard SIEM or Log Management system. By implementing IT security solution that address both goals – encryption and smart access management we can achieve even more and it is the user convenience.

Based on the real experience and the public researches we know It is very important to consider human resistance against any security solution. The whole concept can fails when the solution is not user friendly or easy to use. As an example of wrong security solution result is an implementation of a strong password enforcement. It typically leads to having those passwords written on laptop case and it is clear it brakes the security goals at all.

So, during our session where we introduce Thales security company we will present the proven security approaches and solutions, that will help to increase the level of IT security and meet company compliance with industry standard regulation. We will focus on the security challenges in Cloud adoption era. For security engineers we will introduce how Cloud HSM solution works, how to manage data/DB encryption and keys/certificates from one central point via GUI, KMIP,PKCS#11 and how can be easy an implementation of the Cloud Smart Access Management solution.  

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