Yury Chemerkin

InfoSecurity Researcher

Yury Chemerkin started as a reverser and security developer and continued to gain experience on malware and mobile security. Last years he has been researching Mobile and Cloud solutions (and IAM solutions in general) for exploitation from different viewpoints (incl. forensics) based on misunderstood security principles and developing as a distributed spyware infrastructure. Now he is a multi-skilled security expert on security & compliance and mainly focused on privacy and leakage showdown. Key activity fields are EMM and Mobile Computing, IAM, Cloud Computing, Forensics & Compliance.

Presentation: Privacy in Mobile Apps. Enterprise Opportunities

Enterprise mobility management is a partially new security approach & framework that helps to protect any activities raised by mobile environment. EMM key components (solutions) are MDM, MAM, MIM, MEM and other 3rd party components (solutions). The most important one to research is MAM & MIM (Mobile Application Management & Mobile Information Management) handle all data flow on data protection and access. Before you start managing applications, you need to know something more about in-security and in-privacy of chosen applications. This knowledge is must have knowledge to repackage (redevelop) original application with implementation of missing security interfaces allowed to centralized management.
The research goal is analyzes methods developed to reveal resources must be protected. These methods help to evaluate and estimate effectiveness of application & information security against available activities and features; evaluate how critical the emerging risk is. Another part of research is adoption of digital forensics in alignment of mobile computing needs; on other hand, it’s recreation of decision-making knowledge database to help to pick up information to provide a wanted granularity to manage an application & information security. Finally, this knowledge database is cornerstone right before you develop your application (security) wrapper and repackage it.
Extra Bonus – BlackPhone

Presentation @DefCamp 2014