INTERVIEW With René Freingruber – “In ..

BY andra.zaharia
One of the things we love about our speakers is their relentless passion for learning, applying and sharing ..

INTERVIEW with Alexandru Suditu – “I feel the ..

BY andra.zaharia
Like many of our speakers this year, Alexandru Suditu loves a challenge. He’s had plenty of them as well ..

INTERVIEW with Irina Nicolae – “Compromising ..

BY andra.zaharia
Irina Nicolae’s talk at DefCamp holds the promise of a fascinating topic to explore: deep neural networks. ..

Less than 7 days until price increase! Discover ..

BY florina
In less than 3 weeks, DefCamp will kick-off in Bucharest, Romania. Between November 9th and 10th, more than ..

Digital2Law Guest Post: Regulations against ..

BY florina
Far and wide, 2017 has been the year when a combined public and private effort to limit hacking and its ..

INTERVIEW with Mike Spicer – “It is ..

BY andra.zaharia
Mike was a sensation at DEF CON 25 this year, where he showcased his work called WiFiCactus, a tool that ..

INTERVIEW With Steve McGregory: “Look at the ..

BY andra.zaharia
Steve has seen many changes in the infosec industry during his career of 30+ years. His knack and passion for ..

Digital2Law Guest Post: Things to consider when ..

BY florina
Companies relying more and more on technology to collect, store and manage information become, at the same ..

Impressive record for DefCamp Capture the Flag: ..

BY florina
DefCamp Capture the Flag competition has nominated the winners after 24 hours of fierce competition. The ..

INTERVIEW with Inbar Raz: “If the effort was ..

BY florina
Inbar’s experience spans since before the infancy of the Internet to today’s challenges in terms of ..

INTERVIEW with Walter Belgers: “It is true that ..

BY andra.zaharia
Walter makes a very persuasive point when he talks about security, be it online or IRL. He brings together ..

DefCamp launches in 2017 the Business Security ..

BY florina
The Cyber Security Research Center from Romania (CCSIR) has recently signed a partnership agreement with the ..

Do you have what it takes to Capture flags at ..

BY defcamp
Some might say that you are not a complete cyber security specialist if you didn’t participated in at least ..

Digital2Law guest post: 10 ways to limit your ..

BY florina
Threats and data breaches are so frequent these days. Companies are facing so much uncertainties and wish to ..

INTERVIEW with April C Wright: "Infosec is ..

BY andra.zaharia
Learning from our speakers is one of the things we love most about DefCamp. Providing the right context for ..

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