Mark Felegyhazi

Co-founder, avatao

Mark has been doing research on strategic decision-making in computer networks. All of a sudden, he found himself surrounded by white hat hackers helping them to build strategic attacker models and implement defenses. After spending way too much time in academia collecting fancy three-letter abbreviations, he decided with a few colleagues from CrySyS Lab that it’s time to build something that people can use to make the software world better. So the avatao story started.

Bad software is eating the world! Let’s fix it!

Many software developers lack the basic IT security skills producing insecure software. No surprise, as the traditional education system does not adapt well to the dynamically changing field of information technology in general, and IT security in particular. In this talk, I will highlight the security skill gap from generic developers training and show you the avatao platform we developed to increase the technical security awareness of every software developer in the world. I invite you to join our mission to make the software world more secure.

Presentation @DefCamp 2016