Robert Knapp

CyberGhost CEO and Co-founder

Robert Knapp is Co-founder and CEO of CyberGhost SRL. CyberGhost is one of the most known VPN suppliers worldwide. The company consists of 20 employees, who established in an extremely short time an extraordinary service with more than 5 million users!

As a CEO, he sets the short, mid, and long term milestones for the company and leads the people in the right direction. He always keeps his office door open and his eyes on the revenue.
He started his own company when he was 18, and since then he was self-employed, first in music and event-business, later in IT and internet. Since then, he learned everything from his own mistakes and managed to cultivate a love-hate relationship with attorneys and accountants.

Cryptography – our weapon in the 21st century

CyberGhost is the first company in its industry to publish a transparency report and has made a tradition publishing yearly insights about the various requests to disclose users data. Since we do not keep logs, all these requests remain just a confirmation of the fact that our online activities are being watched.

Robert Knapp, co-founder and CEO of CyberGhost will elaborate on these topics, offering insights of various user data requests and will highlight the importance of online privacy in the new era of the digital life.

The revolution of the digital and technologized world begins with us and the measures we take to protect our identities. Our weapons in the digital times are encryption and anonymization.

Robert will address the following questions:

What are the untold stories of protecting the identities of CyberGhost’s users?
The insights behind law enforcement requests of data in Germany, U.S. and the world.
What can you do to protect your privacy knowing that your being watched?
How can we change and shape the future of privacy trough cryptography?

Presentation @DefCamp 2015