Call for Papers for DefCamp 2015 is Now Open!

DefCamp 2015 Call for Papers is available for the two main panels, where IT Security Specialists, Security Researchers, Security Enthusiasts and Entrepreneurs are invited to join and share their knowledge and experience to a dedicated, young and passionate audience.

DefCamp is the most important conference on Hacking & Information Security in Central Eastern Europe. The goal is bringing hands-on talks about latest research and practices from the INFOSEC field, gathering under the same roof security specialists, entrepreneurs, academic, private and public sectors.
DefCamp 2014 Main Stage
DefCamp 2015 is the biggest event in information security & hacking field from Romania and also one of the biggest from Central and Eastern Europe, awaiting over 700 participants from Romania and neighboring countries. The participants have such a various knowledge and expertise – from students to industry leaders, trainers, and information security experts and researchers.

Call for Papers is now Open – what things to keep in mind?

DefCamp 2015 Call for Papers is available for the two main tracks where IT Security Specialists, Security Researchers, Security Enthusiasts are expected to join and share their knowledge to the audience.
This year, the people accepted to speak at DefCamp #6 will benefit of a special treatment that includes (but not limited to): flight ticket, hotel accommodation, free ticket to the conference, special VIP lounge.
Moreover, this new edition has some news! If you want to apply for “Call for papers”  you will have the opportunity to choose between Briefings Track (track dedicated for keynotes, new discoveries in the field, research & case studies) and “How to” Workshops Track (a secondary track dedicated mainly to tutorials and best practices in the IT security field. This track has an audience formed from students and newbies in the IT security field).

Don’t wait, act NOW!

Apply now to the Call for Papers form and become part of DefCamp #6! Dracula’s Country is waiting for you. 🙂
If you have questions or you need further assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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