Save the date for the 8th edition of DefCamp!

Everything is set and we are happy to officially announce that the 8th edition of DefCamp is scheduled for November 9th -10th, 2017 in Bucharest.
The eighth-annual DefCamp will bring under the same roof important companies and cyber security experts to discuss latest problems and solutions applied in the current digital & information environment.

Conference highlights

It is clear that last couple of months highlighted even more the importance of cyber security when owning or managing a technologies so time has come to join and:

  • Hear the latest cyber security researches and case studies
  • Learn successful approaches on how to keep your assets safe and your customers’ data private
  • Understand global and European trends including hackers’ behavior
  • Examine and debate the most effective and innovative solutions to keep your business safe
  • Gain insights into the opportunities of hiring the proper IT security specialist or find the perfect partner for your annual security assessment
  • Determine the impact of privacy concerns in the current connected ecosystem and identify ways to face cyber threats

Register Now – 40%

How to get involved?

  • If you are a security specialist with a kick-ass research feel free to apply at Call for Papers
  • If you are a company interested in cyber security feel free drop us a line to become our partner or send your employees to the conference by registering here
  • If you have an idea of cyber security competition and you want to make it happen, feel free to tell us about it
  • If you are a security specialist ready to have some fun while hacking some products and win some money, you should definitely register at DefCamp and stop by the Hacking Village
  • If you are a born explorer and wish to get involved & help out an awesome community like DefCamp, make sure you register as a volunteer

What can you expect from the conference?

  • 2 days filled with cyber security
  • 3 tracks hosting over 35 speakers and 50 hours of presentations
  • 1 hacking village with over 10 competitions
  • 1300 attendees with a background in cyber security, information technology, management or students eager to learn

Still not convinced to join?

See how DefCamp 2016 looked like or check the Speakers’ Archives:

All in all, a new exciting edition is about to happen and we would like to take this opportunity to thank once again all sponsors who support us every time, all media partners & communities who share the word about us and all our participants who never lose faith in us and keep coming every year. For all of you we promise to bring on the table new & refreshing competitions and ideas that can energize even more the community.
So, are you ready to hack’n roll? Register now and benefit of Very early discounts!

Register Now – 40%

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