Silviu Sofronie

Forensics, Sysadmin, DEV-Ops, Networking, Jazz and (in)Security Addict

Silviu is leading the gathering and analysis of Threat Intelligence feeds, from Honeypot deployments to Law Enforcement & CERT collaborations.
He owns 500+ honeypots, providing real time feeds on threats that are emerging, as well as monitoring known threats to observe any changes in behavior from good old hacks and hackers.
TOR Hidden Services opened a new opportunity to bring fresh blood to the team of 20+ whitehats he is relentlessly calling upon to solve real challenges, amongst other of his own inSecurities that must be researched.
Law Enforcement & CERTs collaborations were his best excuse to wonder through Europe and the USA, with Asia coming up.

TOR, Internet of Things, Botnets, Ransomware, Mobile Security, Honeypots, IPv6, politics, good stories, choose any, that’s enough to have him join you for a long documented discussion on the topic.
Silviu lives and breathes Bitdefender since 2009, right after college, starting as a Network&System Admin in the Antispam Lab, and moving trough DevOps to help deliver a Cloud based Antispam Product.
Seeing that Antispam is an important vector of infection for popular botnets, he surprised everybody by moving to a more exposed attack surface, the Internet and all it offers.
User behaviour centric honeypots, TOR Hidden Command and Control Servers, propagating malware and plain old school botnets seemed like a better choice for protecting a bigger chunk of the Internet users.

Silviu can be contacted at ssofronie [@at] bitdefender [.dot] com for any of the above. He will gladly answer or address any of your concerns.

Presentation: A look into Bullet Proof Hosting

Bullet Proof Hosting is a concept that describes the services that hackers use to host their Command and Control Servers.
The service provides anonymity and high availability.
We’ll take a deep, technical look into how Cryptolocker used such an infrastructure to communicate with its victims.

Presentation @DefCamp 2014