INTERVIEW With Steve McGregory: “Look at the ..

BY andra.zaharia
Steve has seen many changes in the infosec industry during his career of 30+ years. His knack and passion for ..

INTERVIEW with Inbar Raz: “If the effort was ..

BY florina
Inbar’s experience spans since before the infancy of the Internet to today’s challenges in terms of ..

INTERVIEW with Walter Belgers: “It is true that ..

BY andra.zaharia
Walter makes a very persuasive point when he talks about security, be it online or IRL. He brings together ..

INTERVIEW with April C Wright: "Infosec is ..

BY andra.zaharia
Learning from our speakers is one of the things we love most about DefCamp. Providing the right context for ..

Active Defense Untangled

BY florina
Once upon a time all we needed to keep our digital life safe and secure was a valid Antivirus but nowadays ..

Understanding Ransomware

BY florina
The 8th edition of DefCamp is just around the corner and the first batch of speakers is almost ready to be ..

Noam Rathaus, Beyond Security: we acquire ..

BY defcamp
Noam Rathaus has been working in the security field since the age of 13, he has written 4 books – on ..

Interview with Florin Popa, B2B Director at ..

BY defcamp
In order to understand Orange vision in the cyber security field we’ve asked Florin Popa, Business to ..

INTERVIEW – Every developer rushes to ignore..

BY defcamp
Data Protection is nowadays a hot topic to any industry, whether we are talking about private companies or ..

Calling is the least mobile devices can do. Treat ..

BY defcamp
Georgia Weidman is a penetration tester, security researcher, and trainer. She holds a MS in computer science ..

Security is a cat and mouse game – Amit ..

BY defcamp
Amit Ashbel joined Checkmarx From Trusteer (acquired by IBM). He has been with the security community for more..

If the Cavalry isn’t coming to save us, we must ..

BY defcamp
Beau Woods is that kind of specialist we all look after – fully committed in the cyber security ..

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