Julie Gommes

Cyber Security Analyst

A journalist who is coding and speaks to her computer with a command line. Has worked both for editorial print, web and radio before becoming a trainer in the drafting of a French newspaper in Laos, teaching journalism in Egypt and learnig Infosec during revolutions in Egypt and Syria. Now teaching security for journalists and participates in some groups in France fighting for NetNeutrality.

Presentation: Security Nightmares for Journalists, why we must all be SysAdmins.

Today, if we want to do our journalist job in a safe way, protecting sources, we need, at least 2 hours in security and sysadmin stuff:
– Creating GPG key
– Having your own mumble server in order to not use Skype
– Using rsync to transfer files on its own server in order have nothing with you in case of control/border crossing etc
– SSH connection to self-hosted server
– SD cards with random contents and encrypted containers in encrypted containers
The idea in this talk is to cover all the technology stuff needed in a quick step by step humorous manner. If you really want to do your job as a journalist, one requires a large arsenal of privacy tools – something that is still not taught in journalism schools. In France, we have an ‘emergency’ going on now with the new law called “LPM” that will give power to the army/military to monitor French traffic.

Presentation @DefCamp 2014