[Interview] Shah Sheikh, DTS Solution: “There is no checklist or standard that, once implemented, guarantees immunity to cyber breaches”

In a fast-paced business landscape led by digitization and automation, organizations (still) struggle to improve security by designing a proper cybersecurity framework. The question that often arises is not whether to apply the best security practices and solutions, but HOW to do it. Unfortunately, there’s no “one size fits all” rule that can apply to all […]Continue Reading

[Interview] Yoni Kahana, Nanolock Security: “Even Though It’s Perceived That a More Expensive  IoT Device Is More Secure, It’s Not Always True”

Twenty years in the making, Yoni’s experience in information security spans across challenges and roles. His focus: managing, leading and developing large-scale projects in secure telecommunications and embedded systems. He’s also contributed to defining roadmaps and system requirements for security features for billions of mobile devices, IoT chip, and cars.Continue Reading

[Interview] Abdullah Joseph, Security Specialist at Adjust: Our role (as an attribution provider) is to be the point of truth, in measurement and attribution.

A killer business idea might be a mobile app that can generate lots of downloads and money, right? That seems to be a clear path to success for young entrepreneurs or someone who’s eager to start his own business. If you talk to Abdullah, you’ll probably rethink your approach a bit and start evaluating its implications […]Continue Reading