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VIDEO (eng)

Adrian FurtunaPuttyRider - Pivoting from Windows to Linux in a penetration test

Alex “Jay” BalanOwning the girl next door

Alexandru George AndreiAll your bitcoins belong to us!

Andrei CostinA Pyrotechnic Composition: Fireworks, Embedded Wireless and Insecurity-by-Design

Andrei HodorogSSH Tunneling - a gate to freedom and a threat

Anthony Guess-JohnsonLeading and Developing the Cyber Workforce

Benjamin BrownCognitive Bias and Critical Thinking in Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)

Catalin CosoiA look into Bullet Proof Hosting

Celil ÜNÜVERSCADA Software or Swiss Cheese Software?

Cernica Ionut-CosminA Practical Study of Security Problems on One of the Most Efficient Web Application Firewall

Cristian StoicaManaging Risk Effectively

Dragos ComaneciSecuring Networks using SDN and Machine Learning

Fadli B. SidekVulnerability Assessments on SCADA Networks: Outsmarting the Smart Grid.

Fahad EhsanMemory Forensics & Security Analytics: Detecting Unknown Malware

Julie GommesSecurity Nightmares for Journalists, why we must all be SysAdmins

Laurent ChrzanovskiFinding a European way for a safer cyberworld integrating our continent's millenary humanistic values, pluralist educational and philosophical systems, and overpassing its actual political weaknesses

Marek ZmysłowskiPenetration Testing – 7 Deadly Sins

Marion MarschalekWhat happens in Windows 8 stays in Windows 8

Marius MünchCubeSats – A fairy tale; How academia got the chance to implement satellite (in-)security and how I tried to fix it

Matthew HalchyshakCyber Necromancy: Reverse Engineering Dead Protocols

Miguel Mota VeigaI can track you! They can track you! Everybody can track you!

Mika LauhdeCrypto as a global business

Moti JosephWhat happens in Windows 8 stays in Windows 8

Paul de SouzaCyber Ranges

Ralf C. StaudemeyerAndroid(in)Security

Raoul “Nobody” ChiesaDemocracy and massive-control in the post-Snowden age

Roger W. Kuhn, Jr 'The 80% Solution at 20% of the Cost'. The Utilization of 'Cyber Hygiene' to Mitigate SCADA System Vulnerabilities

Silviu SofronieA look into Bullet Proof Hosting

Tudor DamianSocial Engineering, or "hacking people"

Yury ChemerkinPrivacy in Mobile Apps. Enterprise Opportunities


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