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VIDEO (eng)

Alexandru BalanA new Hope - CTF stories & IoT Hacking
IoT Village Awards

Amit AshbelGame of Hacks: Play, Hack & Track

Andrei Costin (In)Security of Embedded Devices' Firmware – Fast and Furious at Large Scale
Hacking and Securing Network Monitoring Systems: End-to-end walkthrough example on Ganglia

Andrey LovyannikovIoT Security

Anton ProkhorovIoT Security

Beau WoodsFrom Hype Hangover to Happy Hacking: Shaping the World through Shaping Actions

Catalin CosoiA new Hope - CTF stories & IoT Hacking

Cosmin AnghelWhat's in a name? DNS use for exfiltration, and monitoring for detection

Costel Maxim Finding media bugs in Android using file format fuzzing

Cristian PatachiaWhite hat hacker bounty program to improve online environment security
Orange about Bug Bounty and Innovation Labs 2016

Danijel GrahELK stack for Hackers

David SanchoWhen Steganography Stops Being Cool

Georgia WeidmanIntegrating Mobile Devices into Your Penetration Testing Program

Gustavo GriecoToward large-scale vulnerability discovery using Machine Learning

Jayson StreetBreaking in Bad (I'm the one who doesn't knock)

Konrad JedrzejczykModern approaches to Wi-Fi attacks

Mohamed BedewiBuilding a Weaponized Honeybot (part I)
Building a Weaponized Honeybot (part II)

Omer CoskunWhy nation-state malwares target Telco Networks: Dissecting technical capabilities of Regin and its counterparts

Paul CogginDefending the Enterprise Against Network Infrastructure Threats

Raul AlvarezChallenges on Reversing Layered Malware

Razvan-Costin IONESCUHow to mess with Android Intents

Robert KnappCryptography – our weapon in the 21st century
Rogerio Winter Luke 8:17 – Misleading implementations that compromise the privacy and information security
Abstract [email protected] Technique

Shah SheikhBuilding a Cyber Security Operations Center

Sneha RajguruPentesting Android Applications - Workshop

Teodor CimpoesuWhat's in a name? DNS use for exfiltration, and monitoring for detection

Tudor DamianIDS Evasion Techniques

Yury ChemerkinUntrusted Mobile Applications. State of Art of Security App-Apocalypse

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