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Adrian FurtunaPentest-Tools.com - The first online penetration testing framework
Adrian HadaEternal Blues with EternalBlue

Alexandru AriciuBlackBox Debugging of Embedded Systems

Alexandru MusatSharper than a Phisher's Hook - The Story of an Email Autopsy

Alexandru StoianIncident Busters. A 2017 retrospective

Alexandru SudituEvolution of threats to Electric Power Grid Operations

Alexey OsipovATM: every day trouble

April C WrightOrange is the New Purple - How and Why to Integrate Development Teams with Red/Blue Teams to Build More Secure Software

Arun ManeICS Humla

Bogdan SimionAre we alone in our infrastructure? A look into the dark corners of endpoints with Hubble.

Carel van RooyenAttacking Mongoose OS on Xtensa platforms

Catalin PatrascuIncident Busters. A 2017 retrospective

Cosmin RaduWeaponized RaspberryPi in Red Team Engagements

Dan DemeterBack to the IoT Future: Where Marty controls all your routers

Daniel BarbuSplunking the Clouds: finding the needle in AWS & Azure.

Daniel TomescuMinute-hacks against Robi the Robot

David WongSHA-3 vs the world

Dorin EnacheRoad to ECSC 2017

Dr.-Ing. Martin PohlackKeeping customer data safe in EC2 – a deep dive

Gabriel CirligDrive safely on the internet lane: how smart cars can leak your data
Inbar RazIn Soviet Russia, Vulnerability Finds You
Ionut MarinSharper than a Phisher's Hook - The Story of an Email Autopsy

Irina NicolaeEfficient Defenses Against Adversarial Examples for Deep Neural Networks

J Wolfgang GoerlichSecuring without Slowing

John TorakisUnexpected Shells with "covertutils"

Kirill ShipulinTurning IDS signatures against an IDS itself: a new evasion technique

Konrad JędrzejczykAre you keeping up with the Commodore, 'cause the Commodore is keeping up with you!

Lucian SararuFileless malware - beyond a cursory glance

Mihai VasilescuIoT botnets? How do they work?

Mike SpicerWhat the WiFiCactus?!?!?!

Mohamed BedewiActive Defense Untangled

Neculai Balaban Road to ECSC 2017

Olga KochetovaATM: every day trouble

Paul CogginTwisting Layer 2 Protocols

Philipp PromeuschelAttacking Mongoose OS on Xtensa platforms

Ralf C. StaudemeyerSmart Cities under Attack: Cybercrime and Technology Response
Raul AlvarezHijacking the Boot Process - Ransomware Style

René FreingruberFuzzing closed source applications

Sabin POTÎRCĂRemote Attacks against IoT
Sneha RajguruICS Humla

Stefan NiculaMinute-hacks against Robi the Robot

Stefan TanaseDrive safely on the internet lane: how smart cars can leak your data
Steve McGregoryThe Business of Cybersecurity: Life-Lessons Learned

Tudor DamianGDPR - T minus 6 months. Are you ready?

Uzoma OGBONNASplunking the Clouds: finding the needle in AWS & Azure.

Vlad SoriciSupporting innovation in cybersecurity through acceleration program – Orange Fab

Walter BelgersLockpicking and IT Security

Yehia MamdouhYou Fail in SE If You Make Those Mistakes

Yury ChemerkinThe rise of security assistants over security audit services

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