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VIDEO (eng)

Abdullah JosephStealing Traffic: Analyzing a Mobile Fraud
Intro to Reversing Malware

Adrian FurtunaLet's Make Pentesting Fun Again! Report writing in 5 minutes.

Adrian HadaApplying Fuzzy Hashing to Phishing Page Identification (Lightning Talk)
From Mirai to Monero – One Year’s Worth of Honeypot Data

Adrian TudorCatch Me If You Can - Finding APTs in your network

Alex “Jay” BalanPrivacy: Between Hype and Need

Alex NegreaWeb Isolation 101: Securing Web Apps against data exfiltration and shielding corporate endpoints from web-borne threats

Andrei CostinIoT Malware: Comprehensive Survey, Analysis Framework and Case Studies

Arun ManeBackdooring DVR/NVR devices
Bozeanu AndreiThe lions and the watering hole

Cosmin AnghelBack to the future: how to respond to threats against ICS environments.
Cosmin RaduBurp-ing through your cryptography shield

Cotaie AndreiWeaponizing Neural Networks. In your browser!

Cristian Pațachia-SultănoiuOpening Speech

Dan DemeterThe Hitchhiker's Guide to Disinformation, Public Opinion Swinging and False Flags

Daniel TomescuOne year after a major attack
Dimitri van de GiessenWhat happened behind the closed doors at MS

Dmitry SklyarWe will charge you. How to [b]reach vendor’s network using EV charging station.

Gabriel CirligAutoHotKey Malware – The New AutoIT
Applying Honey to the Pot - The Saga of Port 5555 (Lightning Talk)

Gabriel TanaseOne year after a major attack
Georg KnablTailored, Machine Learning-driven Password Guessing Attacks and Mitigation

Ioan ConstantinNeedles, Haystacks and Algorithms: Using Machine Learning to detect complex threats

Ioan IacobIn search of unique behaviour

Ionut GeorgescuBack to the future: how to respond to threats against ICS environments.
Ionut-Cristian BucurTor .onions: The Good, The Rotten and The Misconfigured

Ivan PetrovTiming attacks against web applications: Are they still practical?

Jan KoprivaOSSTMM: The “Measure, Don’t Guess” Security Testing Methodology
Open Directories: Sensitive data (not) hiding in plain sight

Jayson E. StreetYou're right, this talk isn't really about you!
Jelena MilosevicThe challenge of building a secure and safe digital environment in healthcare

Jesper LarssonSecurity pitfalls in script-able infrastructure pipelines.

Khalil BijjouWell, that escalated quickly! - a penetration tester's approach to privilege escalation

Kirill PuzankovMobile signaling threats and vulnerabilities - real cases and statistics from our experience

Konrad JędrzejczykWiFi practical hacking "Show me the passwords!"

Leo NeaguCatch Me If You Can - Finding APTs in your network

Maksim IavichLattice based Merkle for post-quantum epoch

Manuel WiesingerCPU vulnerabilities - where are we now?

Marek ZmysłowskiHow to Fuzz like a Hacker

Marius BucurIn search of unique behaviour

Mihai VasilescuFrom Mirai to Monero – One Year’s Worth of Honeypot Data

Mike SpicerYear of the #WiFiCactus

Mircea NenciuTrust, but verify – Bypassing MFA

Muhammad Mudassar YaminImplementation of information security techniques on modern android based Kiosk ATM/remittance machines

Mushegh HakhinianBuilding application security with 0 money down

Neil “Grifter” WylerThreat Hunting: From Platitudes to Practical Application

Octavian GuzuHacking at the ECSC
Radu-Emanuel ChiscariuDrupalgeddon 2 – Yet Another Weapon for the Attacker

Raluca StanciuEconomical Denial of Sustainability in the Cloud (EDOS)

Razvan BocuSecure and privacy-preserving data transmission and processing using homomorphic encryption

Razvan TodorBridging the gap between CyberSecurity R&D and UX

Stefan MitroiTrust, but verify – Bypassing MFA

Stefan TanaseInternet Balkanization: Why Are We Raising Borders Online?

Stefan ZarinschiThe Charter of Trust

Stephan GerlingRemote Yacht Hacking

Tiberiu BorosWeaponizing Neural Networks. In your browser!

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